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Bottled Spring Water Delivered to Your Door


Bottled Spring Water

  • 5-gallon and 3-gallon bottles of spring water with large handles for easier lifting
  • 20 oz. individual bottles (24 per case) with sport cap

Water Coolers and Cup Dispensers

  • Water coolers (Energy Star Rated) for purchase or lease!
  • Hot or Cold water instantly available
  • Cup dispensers to mount on the cooler
  • Cups 7 oz. flat plastic
  • Have your own cooler? No problem! We can deliver “spring water only”.
  • Easy Push Pumps that easily attach to the 5 gallon bottles for outdoor picnics, camping, use in your RVs, etc.

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What makes a Cook and Cold cooler different from a Hot and Cold cooler?

A “Cook and Cold” or CC model dispenses cold water from one faucet for drinking and room temperature water from the other faucet for cooking. A “Hot and Cold” or HC model dispenses cold water from one faucet for drinking and hot water from the other faucet for making instant hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate and coffee or instant foods such as oatmeal, soup and mac and cheese.

Does WADA Water offer home delivery?

Absolutely!!! And it is more affordable than going to the local home improvement store to do it yourself. On average we are more than $1.00 less per bottle than doing a self exchange program. Why get it yourself, we will bring it to you!.

How often can we have water delivered?

WADA Water currently offers one per month and twice per month deliveries. Large companies are able to get their water delivered once per week if needed. Minimum of 4 bottles required for a delivery.

If I already have my cooler, can I still have WADA Water delivered to my home or business?

You sure can!!! We even offer a sanitization service (for a small fee) for your own cooler. Just because you didn’t get it from us doesn’t mean we won’t bring you the water you want. WADA Water wants everyone to enjoy the product!!!

My office has WADA Water delivered, but I make a long commute to work each day and I live outside of your delivery area. How can I get WADA Water for my home?

Simply ask your employer if we can drop your water off along with their delivery. Then you can just take it home. Remember to bring in your empty bottles on delivery day.

Do you charge deposits for your bottles?

No!! WADA Water doesn’t charge for bottle deposits, however; we do charge for broken or missing bottles.

My delivery date is still a week away and I am on my last bottle. May I have my water delivered earlier?

In most cases, you can call us and we will do our best to work you into our schedule. Subject to surcharge (up to $5). You may want to consider adding to your delivery order if you find you are running short.

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